Why We Gurn

London dance music drama, written & directed by Rene Pannevis


Boston cop thriller, written & directed by Casey Tebo

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Stardust chronicles the young David Bowie’s first visit to the US in 1971 – a trip that inspired the invention of his iconic alter ego Ziggy Stardust.


International Sales Agent: Film Constellation

U.S. Distributor: IFC Films

U.K. Distributor: Vertigo Films

Director: Gabriel Range

Writer: Christopher Bell and Gabriel Range

Cast: Johnny Flyn, Marc Maron, Jena Malone

Made with the support of Telefilm Canada

The Problem with People

A heart-warming comedy about two estranged cousins now in their sixties making amends for many generations of family dispute.


Representation: Gersh Agency

Director: Chris Cottam

Writer: Paul Reiser & Wally Marzano-Lesnevich

Cast: Paul Reiser


A stylish psychological horror set on a small English coastal town. When a group of teenagers find a creature washed up on the beach, they nurse it back to health and decide to unleash it on the world.


International Sales Agent: Protagonist Pictures

Director: Rob Savage

Writer: Joe Wilde

Developed with the support of BFI Film Fund and iFeatures

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An intimate and personal portrait of wartime leader Winston Churchill, set in the final few days preceding D-Day, in June 1944.


International Sales Agent: Embankment Films

U.K. Distributor: Lions Gate Films

U.S. Distributor: Cohen Media

Director: Jonathan Teplitzky

Writer: Alex Von Tunzelmann

Cast: Brian Cox, Miranda Richardson, James Purefoy, Ella Purnell, John Slattery

Developed with the support of the BFI

Made with the support of Creative Scotland

My Name is Lenny
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A brutal and uncompromising study of Britain’s most feared bare-knuckle fighter, Lenny Mclean, also known as “The Guv’nor”. Set in 1978, the film charts his three fight rivalry with boxer Roy Shaw.


International Sales Agent: Embankment Films

U.K. Distributor: Lions Gate Films

Director: Ron Scalpello

Writer: Paul Van Carter & Martin Askew

Cast: Josh Helman, Sir John Hurt, Chanel Cresswell, Michael Bisping


Lek & The Dogs
Release Spring 2018

Acclaimed arthouse director Andrew Kotting’s adaptation of Hattie Naylor’s play, that tells the true story of a young boy who ran away from home to live with a pack of wild dogs on the streets of 1990’s Moscow – relocated in Kotting’s film to the desert of Northern Chile, South America.


Distributor: Home Artist Film

Director: Andrew Kotting

Writer: based on the play by Hattie Naylor

Made with the support of the BFI Film Fund


Don Don

Two very different men on opposite sides of the globe: a brash and bullish American billionaire with a formidable appetite for self-gratification; and a wise and noble Buddhist monk who lives a life of restraint. On the same day, same hour, and same minute, both are told they have one year to live, not knowing their lives are about to collide.


Director: Jonathan Teplitzky

Writer: Andrew Knight and Brock Norman Brock



Shemira (Short)

Myer – a survivor of humanity’s greatest crime – spends one final night alongside his beloved, Leah. After more than six decades since Leah became his wife, death has separated them. The story takes place across one night during the ritual of Shemira, the important Jewish tradition of guarding a body from death to burial.


Director: Adam Wells